Radiohead: “All I Need”

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What a video.

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Steve Jobs, Hit Maker?

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Wow. Check out this article in Advertising Age. Bob Dylan’s new album, Modern Times, has topped the charts again. A big reason is the iTunes/iPod commercial he’s in. Looks like Steve Jobs and Apple have the power to influence the music buying public more than I thought.

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Adam Brodsky’s “Uncivil Rights” now law

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I’ve heard this song live at Clifton’s Pizza in Louisville. (Do follow the link and click on the play button.) It’s a scream. I laughed out loud. Today, I listen and I cry. Today, after last week’s passage of the detainee treatment bill this and any future President & Sec. of Defense can declare someone, […]

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Tennessee Bluegrass?

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Last night the International Bluegrass Music Association held their awards show in Nashville. It was the second year they’ve been at the Grand Ole Opry. It use to be held in Kentucky, most recently in Louisville. The week-long event is a celebration of music. One would walk through the lobby of the Galt House and […]

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