Repression in Honduras & Another War

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Today I officially began a journey with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship as Associate Director. I’ve got a great bunch of people to work with and am stepping in a wonderful stream of prophets. Today we posted two items on our site. The first is a poem that came through our office called “Another Day, Another […]

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Live from Haiti: First Impressions of Gros Morne

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I’ve been in Haiti for a few days now. Arrived in Port au Prince on Sunday, travelled to Gros Morne on Monday and to Jacmel on Wednesday. In Gros Morne my main task was to visit with folks whose work we are supporting at Haiti Reborn/The Quixote Center. I was impressed by the work all […]

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Camp, or Jail?

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Twelve hours from now, my beloved basset will be at the kennel while Mary makes a weekend visit to DC. I call the kennel jail. Mary calls it camp. What do you think Dorothy Dog calls it?

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Free at last

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Went to a PC(USA) geek event today at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. I say geek event, because really, only church polity geeks go to forums of moderator candidates on such a beautiful spring day. But I am what I am, and I love meeting up with other polity geeks like me. You know who […]

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attention christmas shoppers

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The Daily Kos has a great post about extended warranties. Simply put, don’t buy them. I’ve known for a long time they were not worth it and have avoided them, but Kos’ post details just how much profit the big box places make on these things and shows them for the scam they are. The […]

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Human Rights Day, part 2

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In today’s LA Times, Dave Zirin once again brings the issues of human rights and justice home to Americans in a way we can understand very well. Sports. IN 1995, I went to Chile’s National Stadium to watch a soccer match. Soccer was something I neither enjoyed nor understood, but the game was hardly on […]

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Human Rights Day

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Check out the United Nations page on Human Rights Day and celebrate that on this day in 1948 the UN General Assembly adopted Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The focus this year is on poverty. “Poverty is a cause and a product of human rights violations.” The video is from the intro of the 1998 […]

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usda eliminates hunger

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Earlier this month, before the election, Democrats accused the Bush administration of playing politics with the Agriculture Department’s report on the status of hunger in the United States by delaying its release until after the election. The recent history is that the report is released in October about two-thirds of the time and in November […]

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Reinstate the draft?

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This article, featuring the views of Charles Rangel, D-NY is getting a lot of action on Newsvine. The premise is pretty simple. We should reinstate the draft so that all of us, including the sons and daughters of lawmakers, would bear the risk of wars we choose to engage. The theory is that would make […]

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10 years in prison for an email

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Amnesty International is highlighting the story of Shi Tao and asking us to take action on his behalf. In April 2004, Shi Tao sent an email to a U.S.-based pro-democracy website. In his email, he summarized a government order directing media organizations in China to downplay the 15th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. […]

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