Tennessee Bluegrass?

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Last night the International Bluegrass Music Association held their awards show in Nashville. It was the second year they’ve been at the Grand Ole Opry. It use to be held in Kentucky, most recently in Louisville.

The week-long event is a celebration of music. One would walk through the lobby of the Galt House and find scores, if not hundreds, of musicians staking out a corner and playing. If they started by themselves, they would not be playing alone for long. Another musician would stop and play with them. You’d find amateurs playing alongside the most seasoned pros. It was a wonderful communal atmosphere. Improvisation reigned.

Maybe one day the IBMA and bluegrass’ biggest show will see the light and come home. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how Louisville let this one go.

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  • Fatty // Oct 2, 2006 at 10:37 am

    I blame Abramson for allowing this event to slip through the city’s fingers. There were few things greater than listening to an impromptu live jam at 3:00 in the lobby of the Galt House during this event. I don’t recall the specifics of why the organizers decided not to stay here but i believe it had something to do with packages available and breaks given. So, in reality it probably wasn’t Jerry’s fault but I have to blame someone.

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