At least the ESPN guy gets it

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Time to listen to Adam Brodsky’s Uncivil Rights again. Transcript of Olbermann’s commentary at [youtube]ZXofTYFTH7A[/youtube]

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Must see tv tonight on PBS

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Bill Moyers is back. (I’m not sure he ever really left.) This month PBS is airing three of his documentaries under the series title, Moyers on America. Tonight’s installment is the first, is called “Capitol Crimes” and focuses on the problem of money and corruption in Congress and how the system can be fixed.

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Fox News attacks Bush on War

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Check out this post and transcript from Fox News at The Daily Kos. Highlights include Bill Kristol saying Bush can’t do anything about Iraq until after the election and the anchor laying the deaths in Iraq between now and then at Bush’s feet. (Kristol also says democracy has it’s drawbacks.) Unfortunately, I think the “thing” […]

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money, it’s a crime

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Last night, David Letterman showed the cover of the recent Forbes magazine that names the 400 richest Americans. He points out they are all billionaires and that being a millionaire isn’t worth much anymore. Then he comments about how many people there are in the US and how much of our wealth is concentrated in […]

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