“A bad version of us . . .”

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This is the way Jack Abramoff described Ralph Reed in an email to his partner in crime Michael Scanlon. Both Abramoff and Scanlon have plead guilty to corruption charges in the lobbying scandal that is still being played out in Washington, DC. The clip below is from Bill Moyers’ recent “Capitol Crimes” on PBS. The email from Abramoff to Scanlon was first reported in the Washington Post in June of 2005.

As the first director of the Christian Coalition, Reed has been a rising star in the theocon faction of the Republican Party for nearly twenty years. His political career appears to be over due to a loss in the primary to become Georgia’s Lt. Gov., but he is still seen as a spokesperson of the religious right as evidenced by his recent week-long exchange with Jim Wallis at Wallis’ God’s Politics blog.

Here’s hoping the religious right can find spokespersons with a bit more public ethics. They deserve better than Ralph Reed.

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  • Lisa // Oct 18, 2006 at 10:56 am

    Ralph Reed worked at the Red & Black, the University of Georgia’s student newspaper (not while I worked there, of course — he’s a bit older than me).
    Anyway, he got fired from the paper for plagarism. He wrote a column that totally ripped off another columnist.
    He must be so proud of his values!

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